Printer is a device which is used to represent the graphics or text present on the computer to a paper or to another physical media. Nowadays printer has become an essential part of the computer. Without printer it is almost impossible to get the thing out from the computer in hard copy. There are various printers available in the market. All printers vary in terms of their quality, durability, working function, etc. Printer was first launched in the 19 century. From 19 century to present date there is lot of advancement in the printers.

Basically there are two types of printers- personal printer and network printer.

Personal printer are designed particularly for a individual purpose or for a single computer, whereas network printers are connected to multiple computers and they are used in local area network.

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HP printer- HP Printer is manufactured and marketed by the American company Hewlett Packard. It is one of the best printer available in the market and its just due to its durability, quality and it is very easy to use.

Way to connect HP printer to a PC- Go to Start menu and tap on the control panel. After clicking on the control panel, tap on Devices and printer. Click on add a printer button and tap on select a network. If it is a wireless printer, windows will search for a printer.

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Canon printer- Canon printers are designed and manufactured by multinational Japanese company Canon. Canon Company manufactures various products like camera, video recorder, printer, etc. Canon printers are best for the individual purpose. They are fast and their quality of printing is also good.


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Samsung printer- Samsung is a South Korean multinational company and it is one of the leading companies in the world in terms of mobile manufacturing company. It manufactures various devices like mobile phones, laptops, television sets, printers, refrigerators, etc.

Nowadays the demand of Samsung printers is increasing day by day because of its durability and quality of work.

Kodak printer, Epson printers are also in the race of best printers in the market.

Though printers are very useful to us, they also have some technical problems. The solution of these technical problems is also very easy.

Some of the problems are-

Paper jam- It is a very common problem. Sometimes it happens that printer is not able to give a print. The solution for this problem is also very simple. Just open the printer and clean the flap of the printer, remove the old papers from the printer, as old papers get the moisture and they stuck to the tray of the printer.

Less printing speed-It is just due to complex content or due to high resolution images. Reduce the resolution of image and also reduce the size of the font.

Less working efficiency- Sometimes it happens that the working efficiency of printer reduces, it’s just due to its continuous use from a long time. To overcome this problem just clean the printer heads of the printer.

Network problem- If this problem arises Error code 79 will appear on the screen, if this happens go to printer folder and clean all the pending jobs. After this command the printing action again.

These were the solutions of some common technical problems of printers.









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